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Cash App Flip Scams: Key Tips To Spot Them & How To Avoid Them

Cash App Flip Scams: Key Tips To Spot Them & How To Avoid Them

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Do you currently use the cash app? Are you worried about cash app scams? Well, you are in the right place. In recent years, peer-to-peer payment platforms have gained a lot of popularity due to their convenience and ease of use. One of the most popular platforms from experience is Cash App.

Cash App offers a super easy way to send and receive money from family and friends. While the app is convenient, it has a lot caught the attention of scammers looking to exploit unsuspecting users. 

Cash App scams have become a growing concern, and it’s crucial for users to be vigilant and informed to protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities. This post will cover what cash app flips scams are and how to avoid them. 

Cash App Flip Scams: Key Tips To Spot Them & How To Avoid Them

What Are Cash App Flips? – (How does Cash App money flipping work?)

So, let’s first cover what cash app flip scams really are. With cash app flips, scammers convince people to send them money with the promise of multiplying it and sending it back.

The individual doing the flips usually claims to have knowledge or a unique technique that allows them to quickly and easily flip money. But once the people send over the requested money via the Cash app, the scammers disappear with it. 

See below for an example of a cash app flip scam on social media. 



Over the last year, I have seen a lot of scammers doing this on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Some of the scammers have even hacked into people that I know accounts doing cash app flips. 


How To Avoid Cash App Flips 

If you want to avoid Cash App Flip scams, it’s very important to identify the warning signs immediately.  One of the main ways these scammers communicate is through social media accounts. Typically they will hack into someone you may know account, claiming to be them. 

These messages usually involve a request for a small amount of money with the promise of a larger return, also known as money flipping.

To help avoid these types of scams, it’s essential to be cautious when engaging with strangers on social media, and most importantly, if you get a message from a family member or friend and the communication doesn’t sound right- trust your instincts.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Another red flag for these scams is a sense of urgency or a deadline to send the money. So if you get a message from someone telling you about a great deal and asking for you to send money asap via the Cash app, this can be a huge sign that it is a scam. 


What if a random person wants to send me money on Cash App?

If a random person wants to send you money on Cash App, beware. First, contact the support team at Cash App for guidelines. 

A lot of scammers use this method to scam people out of money. Secondly, don’t use the money. Ask the support team at Cash app if they can reverse the transaction.  

What is Cash App $100 to $800?

While this amount of money may sound great, this is one of the biggest cash app scams. With this scam, it said that a group of people join a money-sharing circle and then send someone in the circle $100 and reshare the message eight times. 

With this scam, the promise is that you will get 8 other people to also share $100 just as you did. Then those people will reshare the message to 8 more people and get $800 too. 


How To Avoid Cash App Flips Scam and Save Safe 

Never share personal information

When using Cash App, keeping personal information secure and sharing it with trusted individuals is crucial.   This includes revealing account details, passwords, social security numbers, and other sensitive data. Sharing such information with strangers may lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or other negative consequences.

 Whenever you use Cash App, ensure that you adhere to the platform’s privacy and security guidelines to stay safe. Furthermore, users should regularly review their transaction history and report any suspicious activity using the app’s support features

Blocking and reporting potential scam accounts can help protect both the user and others from being targeted by the same scammer.

By practicing caution when engaging with strangers online, regularly reviewing transaction history, and reporting suspicious activity, Cash App users can help safeguard their money and avoid costly mistakes.

Maintaining your privacy and avoiding sharing personal information with unknown individuals on Cash App is vital.

Avoid Acting Quickly

Many scammers will use tactics such as pressuring you to send money quickly so that you won’t miss out on the opportunity to earn more money. Beware of this! Usually, this results in someone getting scammed via Cash app. 

If someone is asking you to send money fast or asking you to send more money, this is a red flag. Report this type of activity to Cash App customer support.  

Verify the identity of the person

In a lot of cases, scammers will steal the identity of someone you know or close with on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram so it’s essential to identify the person you are really communicating with before sending any money. 

If someone you know contacts you but something seems off, please get in touch with the person directly in a different form of communication, such as a phone call. This will give you a better understanding if the person is really your friend or family member. 

So make sure to avoid becoming a victim of Cash App flip scams by always verifying the identity of the person you are dealing with, whether it’s a friend or family member. It is very important to exercise caution and double-check their information before proceeding with any transaction.

If the sender presents themselves as a person of authority or an expert offering new opportunities, remain skeptical until you can verify their credentials.

Before engaging in any financial transactions on Cash App, it’s crucial to do your research. Look for reviews, testimonials, or any red flags that might indicate a scam. 

And remember that a legitimate user is less likely to ask you to send money to them randomly. So make sure to do research about the sender to see if what they are claiming is true. 

Enable Cash App’s security features

Cash app offers many security features to help you stay safe while using the app, such as enabling the security lock. To learn more about setting this feature up on your phone, click here. 

Additionally, Cash App has built-in security features to protect your account from unauthorized access and potential scams. These features include enabling a PIN lock, fingerprint verification, and two-factor authentication (2FA). By putting these safeguards in place, you can protect yourself in case someone tries to use your account without your permission.

Cash app also has a blog post on how to save safe while using the app and avoid scammers. Click here to out the post.

Report any suspicious activity

cash app flip scams

Most importantly, if something seems off, report it. If you believe you have become a victim of a cash app flip scam, please report it to cash app customer support directly. 

Also, contact your bank or credit card company because they may be able to help you get your funds back into your account. They can also help you dispute the transaction and help protect your account from future financial scams. 

By following the steps above, you will be able to protect yourself from cash app scams. Remember to be aware; it probably is if something seems off or too good to be true. 

Finally, never send money to people you don’t know, and identify friends and family members before sending money if their communication seems different or off. 

Common Cash App Flip Scams

couple looking over documents

Fake Investment Promises

A common Cash app flip scam is the fake investment promise. With this scam, scammers will claim they can turn a small investment into a larger return through insider information

In this scam, they promise quick results with no little to no risk involved, which usually, to me, sounds too good to be true.

Victims that fall for this scam send money to the scammer’s cash app account with the thought that the money will be flipped and they will be given a larger sum. But once the money is sent, the scammer disappears, leaving the victim with no return on their investment.

Impersonation Cash App Flip Scams

Another tactic to look out for with cash app flips scam is the impersonation scam. With this scam, the person will pretend to be someone directly from Cash App customer support team or representatives from other well-known organizations. 

Usually, these accounts will steal the information of the person and have similar names, profile pictures, and or logos of the company they are impersonating. 

Scammers usually contact the person’s friends, followers, or family members, faking to be them.  They trick victims into providing personal information or sending money directly to the scammer’s account, believing their issue is being resolved.

Sadly, I have seen this scam in action on quite a lot of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, so beware if you see posts including cash app money flip on those platforms. 

Fake Cash App Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Another cash app scam is the giveaway and sweepstake posts, usually on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this scam, the scammers will ask you to follow their instructions in their post, message you further instructions, and ask you to give them a small fee to secure your spot. 

Additionally, they might contact you and claim that you won the sweepstakes or giveaway, but you need to send a fee to claim your full prize. They might also ask for your personal information to verify your account on social media platforms. 

Look below to see fake cash app giveaways and sweepstakes

fake cash app flip

Puppy Cash App Scam

A common scam I see is the Puppy cash app scam. With this scam, someone will usually hack into the account of someone you know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and post up a post about selling puppies for cheap. 

They will claim all you have to do is send them the money via Cash App, and they will secure your post for pick up for the puppies. 

Beware of this scam because most scammers will hack into the pages of someone you know through Facebook, Intagram, and Twitter. So, if someone’s communication seems off- report it. 

Pyramid Schemes

Another cash app scam to avoid is called “Pyramid Scheme.” With this scam, the scammers will target victims with the promise of high returns on investments. 

These scams require the victim to recruit others to “invest” money into a hierarchy or structure. In return, the victim receives some of the money from each new person they recruit. 

The problem is that eventually, it becomes impossible to recruit enough new people to sustain the payments, causing the pyramid scheme to collapse and leaving the majority of participants with a financial loss. 

Scammers operating pyramid schemes via Cash App often target unsuspecting users by promising a quick way to make money with little effort or risk involved.

Always exercise caution when receiving unsolicited messages and offers, and never share your personal information or send money without verifying the legitimacy of the person or organization involved. Click here to read about more cash app scams.

Warning Signs of a Scam

cash app flip scams

Pressure to Act Quickly

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the most common ways I have seen scammers scam people through cash app scams. They may insist that you need to make a decision or send money immediately, as opportunities are limited or time-sensitive. 

This pressure makes it challenging to take a step back, research, and verify the offer’s legitimacy. Remember, any legitimate opportunity would allow you time to consider the details and make a well-informed decision.

Unexpected Contact

Being contacted out of nowhere by someone claiming to be either be being someone famous or of high authority is another red flag I have seen with cash app scams. The scammer will attempt to gather your personal information, such as your Cash App pin or your sign information for your social media accounts. 

Never send any personal information to individuals you don’t know or someone whom the message’s communication seems sketchy. 

Promises of High Returns

Promising high returns is one of the biggest tactics scammers will use in Cash App flip scams. Many scammers will claim they can multiply your money quickly and easily with little to no effort on your end. 

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Take the time to research and validate any claims made before parting with your hard-earned money.

I always recommend practicing caution when using peer-to-peer payment services like Cash App. By keeping an eye out for these warning signs and remaining vigilant, you can protect yourself from falling victim to scams and ensure the safety of your finances.

What to Do If You Fall Victim to a Scam

If you have fallen victim to a Cash App flip scam, there are some critical steps you should take to minimize your losses and protect your account from further fraudulent activity. This section will cover contacting Cash App support, reporting the scam, and securing your account.

Contact Cash App Support

If you have fallen victim to a Cash App flip scam, one of the first steps should be to contact Cash App Support directly and immediately. 

Since Cash App does not offer live customer support through phone or chat, you must report the issue through the app. Launch the Cash App and tap on the profile icon or your balance in the top-right corner to do this. Then tap on “Support” and follow the prompts to report the scam.

Report the Scam

Reporting the scammer’s account is crucial once you have contacted Cash App Support. 

To do this, go to the scammer’s profile within the Cash App and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Select “Report” and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember to provide as much information as possible, including screenshots of any conversations or transaction details. This will help Cash App’s security team to investigate and potentially shut down the scammer’s account.

Secure Your Account

After reporting the scam, it is essential to take steps to secure your Cash App account and prevent further unauthorized access. Change your password immediately, and enable two-factor authentication if you have not already done so. This adds an extra layer of security to your account, requiring both your password and a unique code sent to your mobile device for access.

Monitor your Cash App transaction history for suspicious activity, and consider unlinking any sensitive personal information, such as your bank account or credit cards, until the issue is resolved.

Are there legitimate Cash App flips?

No, cash app flips aren’t legitimate, and even if so, I would be very cautious about anyone claiming they can flip money on Cash App. 

If you are looking to earn money with or on the cash app,  here are some legitimate and honest ways you can do 

Refer A Friend

You can look into their referral program on the app directly. This program is under the Family and Friend section of the app. Currently, you can earn $5 for every friend that signs up through your referral code, and they will also make $5 for signing up. 

You can get a bonus when your friend or family member signs up for the app and uses it. Click here to read more about the program. 

Sign Up Bonus

Cash App will give you $5 when you sign up with a referral code. If you are interested in signing up and using the cash app, ask one of your family members or friends to send you their code so you can earn $5. 

Investing in Stock and Bitcoins

Cash App has an entire section on how to invest in stock and bitcoins directly on the app. As always, there is no guarantee when it comes to investing, but if that’s your thing, you can look into it directly on the cash app platform. 

Final Thoughts On Cash App Flip Scams

There are a lot of cash app flip scams out there, so it is important to ensure your safety by following steps to secure your security.

These scams involve promising to multiply a victim’s money once they send a specific amount to the scammer. Recognizing the red flags associated with these scams and taking preventive measures to avoid falling victim is essential. I have people I know personally to fall for these scams, so getting the word out is imperative. 

One of the key ways to stay safe is by being skeptical of anyone promising unrealistic returns on your investment. Scammers often use enticing messages or posts to lure victims, so always be cautious of anyone offering incredible profits with little to no risk.

Save Safe From Cash App Flip Scams

Another helpful strategy is to educate yourself on how the Cash App functions. Users can become more competent at identifying fraudulent claims by understanding their features and limitations..

Additionally, be cautious of individuals who attempt to build trust with small transactions before requesting more significant amounts. These scammers might perform a minor flip of $5 to $50 only to disappear once they have gained the victim’s trust and received a more significant sum.

Awareness of the signs of Cash App Flip Scams and taking precautions to prevent them is essential for maintaining financial safety. By staying educated and vigilant, users can minimize the risks posed by these scams and ensure the security of their hard-earned money.


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