The Start

I grew up in a house where debt was seen as a way to take care of other debt. It was normal for me to see my family living paycheck to paycheck and to see them use debt to pay off monthly bills and expenses.

By the time I started college at 18 years old I was a creative individual with high hopes to make my dreams of becoming a singer come true.

While my future seems promising I had one major setback.

I adapted to the old way of thinking from the environment I grew up in… 

Get debt to live and to pay off other debt…

While in college, my mother thought it was a great idea to get me signed up for credit cards to grow my credit and after a few years my mom and I soon found out that was a huge mistake. 

By the end of my college career, not only did I have a degree, I also had a pile of debt in both credit cards and student loans.



After graduating with my Master’s Degree it hit me! A life of debt wasn’t the life that I wanted!

 While in college I didn’t have the whole personal finance thing figured out. I knew that the way I was living wasn’t going to lead me to financial freedom.



The beginning wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

  • I spent years after graduation trying to figure out how to handle money the right way with a ton of trial and errors.
  • I spent long hours trying to figure out budgeting plans to help me get out of debt, but they never worked.
  • I spent months trying to save money but I always ended up living paycheck to paycheck.
  • I spent many days trying to figure how to make extra money and follow my dreams. 
  • But. I failed! Every single time!

I realized that in order to really have financial freedom I needed to do something different. I needed to change my way of thinking of money.

By the time I hit my 30’s I finally started to map out a plan for my money issues. I began to change my way of thinking and shift my mindset about money.  


I began to gain understanding about how I could finally gain financial freedom while making my dreams into reality. Since changing my mindset about  money and setting up an effective budget and financial plan my husband and I have paid off more than $10,000 of debt and currently paying off our last credit card for good. We have also been able to grow Arts and Budgets into a five-figure business. 

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The Process

I learned that if a person can change their mindset of how they handle money, they can change their whole financial future for the better.

I learned that there are a lot of different side hustles individuals can do while pursuing their dreams to increase income.

I learned that by setting up a budget plan that was fun and effective, it could help me see results quicker.

I learned that if a person learns how to effectively save money each month, they could not only pay off debt faster but they can also increase their income and not be broke at the end of each month.


Because of the lack of resources for creatives on how to achieve financial freedom and grow a career they love I decided to create Arts and Budgets!

Since February 2016, I have helped thousands of Creatives find ways to make extra money through blogging and side hustles while on their financial & career journey  

and.. I want to help you!

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Fun Facts About Me!

I am a Wife & Mama to 3 boys!

I am a lover of Jesus, tacos and all things pink!

My favorite TV series is "New Girl" and I have watched each season at least 3 times.

My favorite fruit is WATERMELON!

I love performing on stage in musicals and in music showcases.