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Side Hustle To Freedom Ebook

Ready to FIND THE PERFECT SIDE HUSTLE and make money?

Hey, Side Hustler!

  1. Are you struggling to find the perfect side hustle to make money?
  2. Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to get started?
  3. Perhaps you aren’t sure what resources will be needed to start a side hustle?

I totally know how you feel because I have been there! When I first started searching for the perfect side hustle to make more money it took months for me to figure it out. 

But I didn’t give up!


  1.  I started my blog side hustle in 2016 and learned everything I needed 
  2. to know to create multiple streams of income from it.

Then I  turned my blog into a profitable business  that has been featured in Business Insider, Black Enterprise, CNBC + ACORN and much more. 


In the beginning, it took me time to figure out which side hustle was 
the best for me but it doesn’t have to take that long for you.  

 That’s why I created..

Side hustle to freedom

side hustle to freedom ebook

The Side Hustle To Freedom ebook is filled with 100 side hustles ideas to make money now. It also includes a list of the best job boards+ sites to find the best side hustles, a list of the top tools to grow a side hustle and more.

Order now for just $15

When I first started my side hustle I didn’t have a roadmap on how to find the best side hustles to make money or the best tools and resources to grow my side job

But I wished I did…

It took me much longer to figure it all out, but that’s why I am super passionate about helping ambitious side hustlers who are just beginning learn different ways that they can increase their income through side hustles. 

Imagine having everything you need one place without having to spend months researching it online…

That’s exactly what you will get when you grab the Side Hustle To Freedom eBook.  

Good things comes to those who hustle…

Arts and Budgets

Hi, I am Latasha!

I am a wife, mom of three, side hustle coach, speaker, the founder of the blog Arts and Budgets and a devoted side hustler.

Because of my love for helping individuals find ways to build multiple streams of income while following their dreams, I created Arts and Budgets to help ambitious side hustlers find the best and most profitable side hustles to gain financial freedom.

My blog currently gets over 100,000 monthly visitors each month and has over 50,000 followers on social media. I have been featured in Business Insider, CNBC, Black Enterprise, Bankrate, Legal Zoom, Plutus Foundation, and much more


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What if you could learn different ways to create multiple income stream today?

What if you can find the perfect side hustle without spending hours trying to figure it out all yourself?

What if you had a guide showing you the tools and resources you need to turn a side hustle into a profitable side career? 

The Side Hustle To Freedom eBook Has
All Of That & More!

The Side Hustle To Freedom eBook
Will Help You..

  • Learn about 100 side hustle ideas to help give you a sense of the side hustle you will like to do to make money.
  • Learn about the tools and resources that will be needed to turn your side hustle into a profitable career.
  • Gain clarity on what it will take to get your side hustle up and running this month.
  • Format all the side hustle resources in one place so that you can plan out your goals with a breeze.
  • Learn about the best time management tools to beat side hustle burn out.

Here Is What’s All Included In The Ebook…

Side Hustle To Freedom Printable

  • Side hustle overview: How to find the perfect side hustle.
  • 100 side hustles ideas to start making money immediately.
  • A list of the best job boards + site to find side hustle & at home jobs.
  • A list of the best tools and resources to grow a side hustle.
  • A list of the best time management tools to help with productivity.
  • A list of the best money management resources for side hustlers.
  • Daily Schedule Template
  • Side Hustle Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Monthly Side Hustle Income Tracker
  • Yearly Side Hustle Goal Sheet
  • Weekly Side Hustle To-do template
  • Yearly Side Hustle Calendar
  • Side Hustle Monthly Billing Sheet
  • Side Hustle Accounting Sheet

Order now for just $15

this offer will expired in…

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