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10 Data Entry Jobs To Make Money From Home

10 Data Entry Jobs To Make Money From Home

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Are you currently looking for data entry jobs to work from home? If so this post will help you find more information about data entry work that you can apply for and more information about how to get prepared to work in the field. 

When I worked as a data entry clerk years ago I learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in the field and what is required to be successful. If you are looking to work in the data entry field you can make great money from home. On average, data entry clerks and assistants make around $15 per hour doing work such as entering information from documents on a computer and working in excel to update records. This post will share data entry companies that hire throughout the year and some resources and tips to help get you prepared to work in the field. 

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10 Data Entry Jobs To Make Money From Home

1. MircoWorkers

If you have a few extra minutes throughout the day this data entry gig will be great to make extra money for gas or to grab a coffee. 

Mircoworkers is an amazing work from home company that hires individuals to complete data entry tasks. With this company, they will list different tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.  

A lot of tasks take less than 5 minutes to complete and pay a set amount. Even though the tasks pay a little less than average it still adds up fairly quickly. Also, most of the tasks don’t require any special skill training and are normally basic data entry tasks. To see the different tasks you sign up for click here!

2. Flex Jobs

Flexjobs has both remote part-time and full-time positions that you can apply for right on their website. They also have an option where you can be an actual employee or a freelance worker and work with different companies. They are a very professional company and have had a lot of awesome ratings on the Better Business Bureau.

The team at FlexJobs are stellar and help each person that signs up for their monthly subscription finds jobs. When you sign up with Flexjobs you will get helpful resources and a ton of support from their team. Some of the types of jobs that you can find on the FlexJobs website are business development jobs, accounting jobs, call center jobs, data entry jobs and more. So, if you are looking for more than data entry jobs you can search their database for other jobs as well.  Check out FlexJobs by clicking here. 

3. Birch Creek Communications

This company is a US-based corporation in Montana that has provided high-quality transcription and data entry services for the past 13 years. They hire independent contractors to work in both data entry and transcription fields. They also work with a lot of high-level clients throughout the US. 

To apply for a job on their site you can simply submit your resume and include your work history and experience. They also give you a list of questions to answer before you submit. Check out the openings at Birch Creek Communications by clicking here. 

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4. SigTrack

This company hires data entry freelancers to help with grassroots campaigns. In order to work with SigTrack, you have to be a US residency because you will gain access to voters data which is restricted by law. 

Some other requirements that SigTrack requires are that their workers have Windows Pro edition or higher, or Mac OS 10.12+, dual monitors and high-speed internet. 

This company pays through PayPal so you would need a PayPal account before signing up. Check out SigTrack by clicking here

5. Lionbridge

For over 20 years this company has provided work from home jobs for individuals around the world. Lionbridge hires individuals to complete tasks and make extra money on a daily basis.

Working with Lionbridge is awesome if you need flexibility in your schedule and need to work around your own hours. This is a great gig if you are looking to supplement your income and don’t want a long-term commitment. Similar to Mircoworkers, you complete tasks on the platform and make money. Check out Lionbridge and their employment opportunities by clicking here. 

6. Xerox

This company has regular work from home jobs including data entry work. This company does require that you work at the location of the job for at least a week before you are able to do the job from your own home.  They believe in delivering quality and excellence in all that they do and empowering their employees to do their best. 


To find data entry jobs on this site simply go to the search box and type in “Data Entry ” to see the positions that are available. Click here to find job opportunities with Xerox. 

7. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions has been around the years and is very well known for providing quality in their work. This company offers data entry services in areas such as medical claims, enrollment forms, health, and human services and much more. 

DionData Solutions is currently the leading provider in data entry services and believes in giving their employees the best to help them succeed with their company.  To search for job openings with DionData Solutions click here. 

8. Scribie

Scribie hires transcribers that can help them transcribe audio from different companies around the world. For this job, they look for individuals with great communication skills who are proficient in written and spoken English. The pay is between $5 to $25/audio hour pay rate. 

Some of the responsibilities include transcribing audio files into text and reviewing audio for accuracy. So, if you are looking for a home-based job you can submit an application to Scribie by clicking here. 

9. Capital Typing

This company provides both data entry and clerical services for different businesses throughout the world. They have work in data processing services, data mining services and much more. On their site, you can apply for different data entry jobs and if hired, you will be an independent contractor for the company.

At Capital Typing they are super committed to providing their clients with excellent data entry support to make their experience enjoyable. Check out Capital Typing by clicking here

10. Axion

This company offers data entry services to different companies and businesses around the world. They have a dedicated workforce at Axion which can at times makes job openings very rare.

To submit an application on their site you have to sign up and register in their database. They require that you have prior data entry experience and be able to type at least 50 words per minute. To see the jobs opening with Axion click here. 

Job Boards 

  •  Indeed: This board has been around for many years and is the board that I personally used when I was searching for jobs in the communication field. If you are looking for an easy to use job board check out Indeed by clicking here
  •  Zip Recruiter: Zip Recruiter is also a great job board to find local data entry jobs in your area. On this site, you can search millions of jobs very quickly. Click here to search on Zip Recruiter. 
  •  Glassdoor: The Glassdoor board helps individuals find the best job in a matter of minutes. You can also get the inside scoop on different companies reviews.  Click here to search Glassdoor!

Requirements & Skills Needed For Data Entry Jobs

  • High School Degree or GED

While most data entry jobs don’t require you to have a college degree they do require that you have a high school diploma or GED to apply for most jobs.  You can also look into earning a data entry certification from a local community college if you don’t want to attend four years of college. 

  • Computer Knowledge & Typing Skills

Since you will be working from home and using your computer for data entry work, having basic computer knowledge is a must. You also have to be great at typing without errors as most of data entry jobs require that you type up documents. A lot of people look for individuals that can type up to 50 WPM without errors. 

  •  Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Google Drive

 It’s a great idea to get up to date with Microsoft word programs such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Microsoft Word and Excel are highly used for data entry work so it’s super important to learn both programs if you are looking for a new data entry job. Another platform to learn is Google Drive which includes Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and Google slides. 

  •  Have Knowledge of Email Providers

When you get hired as a data entry clerk or assistant odds are that you will need to know basic knowledge about how to send an email. Most jobs require that you have knowledge of email providers such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Those are the most popular ones for businesses and organizations. With email being one of the best ways to communicate between companies it’s important to learn basic knowledge.  

  •  Detail-oriented

Another very important skill to have when working in the data entry field is being very organized and have great attention to detail. When I worked at a data entry company I had long hours of data entry documents that looked the same so I had to make sure to pay close attention to each document and organize them accordingly. If I didn’t pay close attention I could have cost the company thousands from just one mistake. 

Equipment You Should Have

  • Computer with high-speed Internet.
  • Phone equipment ( Not always but some companies require special phone equipment).
  • Quiet space to work.

Earning Potential of Data Entry Clerks

On the Glassdoor site, it says that Data Entry clerks can make between $25k to $41k a year depending on the company. So the pay varies depending on where you live and the company that you work for. But starting out an average hourly wage would be around $15 an hr according to The Balance Careers website.

How To Avoid Data Entry Scams

There are a lot of scams out there so it’s a good idea to know what to look for. If you are looking for a work from home job and not sure what red flags to look for check out the  Federal Trade Commission website which shares what to look out for in job scams. 

 Things To Lookout For In Data Entry Jobs 

  • Requires you to deposit a check into their bank account

 If a company requires you to send money directly to their bank account that’s a huge red flag. A real company wouldn’t require you to send any money directly to a business or checking account.

  • No Skills required

 If the company says that you don’t have to have any skills to apply for the job that’s a red flag. No matter if the job is entry-level it will require some type of skills. 

  • Claims you will make thousands in a short amount of time

If any job claims that you will make thousands in a short amount of time it is more than likely a scam.  Watch out for companies that claim you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars by doing little to nothing in a short amount of time. 

  • No contact information & poor website design

If there is no contact information on the company’s website and if the website is poorly designed that might be a sign that the company is a scam. Be careful if you can’t find the company information anywhere on their website and if you can’t find them on a Google search. Most of the time you can do a Google search to see other reviews about a company. If you are not sure about a certain company simply go to Google and type in the company names to see if you can find reviews from others that have worked with the company. 









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