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Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs To Make Money Every Month

Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs To Make Money Every Month

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Work From Home Jobs!

Do you currently stay at home and looking for ways to work from home without being on the phone? If so, perfect! This post is for you. 

If you have seen different work from home job postings you probably noticed that a lot of them require you to be on the phone daily. 

When I started my work from home journey I knew that I wanted to have a job that didn’t require me to be on the phone daily because I just had my son.

I knew that I really enjoyed blogging and connecting with different people in the online business world. 

So I decided to start a blog business and Arts and Budgets was born. 

Blogging is a great side hustle if you don’t like to be on the phone and want to make a full-time income with your genius ideas, content, and blog posts. 

The opportunities to work from home are limitless and the good thing is that there are a ton of different companies that are looking to hire different individuals right now. 

Working from home is a great side hustle if you are looking to stay at home with your children or just want to beat the evening commute. 

What Benefits Come With Work From Home Jobs

  •  Work from home in your Pajamas!
  •  Make extra money to pay off debt. 
  • Some jobs will allow you to set your own hours.
  •  You can stay at home with your children and make money.
  • You can make extra money for a savings and emergency fund.

So, I recently did some research and found 12 non-phone work from home jobs that you can test out and try to increase income

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If you love education or love teaching others online then this side hustle might be awesome for you. is a growing community of passionate educators and educational professionals that work together to give students the knowledge they need to succeed in their area of learning. 

This company hires quality individuals to teach subjects such as English, Math, Finances, and more. The tutors apart of this team help students get the right answers and also provide step-by-step explanations to help them get there. With this company, you can make $500 a week just by working with students who need help with different subjects.

This job is awesome if you already work from home or if you have a few extra hours within’ your day to work with others.  Check out Tutor by clicking here

2. Relode

Refer a friend to this site you could get paid $1000. With Relode, they hire individuals to refer qualified applicants in the health industry. So every time you refer someone to their site and they actually get the job you will get a referral reward. 

The referral rewards on this site are amazing!

The lowest referral reward I saw on this site was $1,000 and the highest was $10,000. Now finding applicants that qualify may not be the easiest thing to do but if you can find at least one person to get hired through Relode you will at least make an extra $1000 for the month. Check out Relode here. 

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3. Verblio

When I first heard about this site I thought it was pretty awesome. With Verblio, they hire writers with impeccable grammar and strong research skills to create high-quality custom content for business owners and agencies. With over 1300 clients across 40 different industries, this company always has work available for job seekers. 

They hire different people with different backgrounds from everything from accounting to fashion. When you are new to Verblio you will complete short-content jobs to get started and later on get longer content jobs. When you sell your content and earn 5-star reviews, you will gain access to longer and higher paying gigs on the site.  Check out Verblio here.

4. Voices

If you are great at doing different voices then the Voices site might be a good match for you. This site offers voice actors thousands of opportunities to audition for different voice overs jobs in multiple industries. For voice-over work, the pay varies but I know a voice actor who make a full-time income by doing professional voice-over work each month. 

The Voices site has opportunities in fields such as the cartoon industry, commercial industry, the Spanish industry, and much more.  Click here to learn more about Voices. 

Additional voice-over sites to check out 

5. Chat Shop 

If you love interacting with people and sharing your knowledge then working with Chat Shop might be a good fit for you. This company hires dedicated people to represent their customers and help them reach a goal. They look for people who are patient and willing to go above and beyond because each chat is different. 

In order to work with Chat Shop, you have to go through 1000 hours of training which will help you succeed with their company. With this company, you might provide chat customer service to a lot of different companies. One chat might be with a Ski company customer while your next chat with a British media company client. Check out Chat Shop by clicking here.  

6. User testing

Usertesting is an awesome side hustle if you are looking to make an extra $100-200 a month. It’s not full-time income but it’s great gas money or money that you want to save each month. 

With this site, you get paid to test out websites of different companies and let them know how your experience was on their site. You get the chance to give them feedback on what to improve and what you liked about their website. 

Each assignment is normally around 10 to 20 questions and normally doesn’t take longer than 10 t0 20 minutes. After you complete the test you get $10 sent to your Paypal within’ 7 days. The great thing about this company is that they have a lot of openings and you can almost always find something to submit for weekly. 

7. Proofreading Pal 

This is one of my favorite work from home jobs.

Do you love spending time proofreading research papers and documents? Or can spot grammatical errors from a mile away? If so, Proofreading Pal might be the perfect side job you have been looking for. 

Proofreading Pal is a professional proofreading and editing service company that hires different people to proofread documents such as resumes, research papers, emails, blog posts, and more. They offer around-the-clock proofreading services and keep their clients updated daily on when the documents are ready.

They look for people with great time management skills and excellent Google search skills. You have to have experience with proofreading and editing academic papers in various fields of study. You also have to have experience with several popular writing styles APA, MLA, and AP. Check out Proofreading Pal by clicking here

8. Time ETC

Time ETC hires both full-time and part-time freelance writers to join their team of experienced virtual assistants and writers. With this company, they offer fixed hourly pay rates and regular on-going work from clients that they trust. 

Here are the steps after you apply:

  • They will verify your identity, educational background, and work history. 
  • They will interview you and see examples of your freelance writing work. 
  • You will take one or more skill tests to evaluate your skill level. 

With this company, you can work as much and as little as you like. Click here to see TimeEtc

9. Smart Crowd

This company has been providing work from home opportunities for over 20 years. I love this company because they offer flexible work from home hours.  They also specialize in hiring individuals to complete small tasks that fit in your schedule. You can work on as many tasks as you like from your phone anywhere in the world. 

There is also no long-term commitment so you have the option to work on the task when you are available. This is a great side hustle if you are always on the go or if you are looking for extra money to supplement your income. Check out Smart Crowd by clicking here. 

10. Take Lessons

This work from home job is amazing!

Take Lessons is a site that offers private and group lessons for different subjects. You can sign up to teach lessons in everything from singing to chemistry. The great thing about this site is that you can pick your hours and teach lessons when you are free. So if you want to teach daily, you can and if you want to teach once a month, you can.

You can either teach your lesson online and in-person from any flexible teaching location. Check out Take Lessons here!

11.Babble Type

This company is always looking for editors, and translators to add to their team. Their job assignments require a high degree of listening ability and the ability to deal with transcript formats. 

Even though they are always looking for new workers this company is highly selective and it can be hard to get hired. They prefer to work with limited and selective teams who meet the requirements that they need. Check out BabbleType by clicking here.

12. CrowdSource

If you are looking to join a list of elite freelancers check out CrowdSource. This company works with brands such as Staples, Overstock, and Walmart and pay their workers via PayPal. Each month they have numerous freelance positions available that you can apply for. 

A really cool advantage to working with CrowdSource is that they have daily payments for all your approved work. So you can get paid the same day you complete a job assignment.

On the platform, there’s a variety of work assignments in fields such as product research, data entry, writing, and editing. You can also set your own hours and work as much as you like.  Check out Crowd Source here.



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Wednesday 21st of August 2019

I really need a job from home and I will try these tips out

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