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15 Ways To Make Money In Education (Up To $45/hr)

15 Ways To Make Money In Education (Up To $45/hr)

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Ways to make extra money in education (2)


After I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Marketing Communication I decided to Sub Teach for a few months and I ended up loving being around all the creative students. That job taught me about the importance of following your dreams. It also taught me that a person should live a life doing what they love on a DAILY basis!

Even though the job was amazing and I stayed there for 4 years working in different departments I was always left wondering what summer gigs I would be able to pick up to make extra money when the school year finished. I also noticed that a lot of other teachers started looking for side hustles to do for the summer to make extra money as well.

So, I decided to compile a list of 10 + ways that Teachers can make extra income during the summer months or even during the school year.

What can picking up a side hustle do for teachers?

Working in the summer can help teachers stay on top of their teaching game and/or give them the chance to meet awesome new people. But most importantly it will give them the chance to make extra income while on their break without making a long job commitment. With the extra money, Teachers can pay off debt, save for a vacation, or just get items ahead of time for the next school year.

In this post, I share some top ways Teachers can make extra money while having some flexibility in their schedule.


Let’s Dive in!

1. Create an Ecourse

E-courses are definitely on the rise right now and I think it’s super amazing! I am currently developing my full E-courses which will be due out this summer! and I am super excited to share it soon. Don’t think you teach anything? Let me be the first to say you CAN! Everyone has something that they are good at even if it’s unique.

Places you can develop an e-course online for free are Teachable and  Thinkific.

2. Teach Online Courses

A lot of places offer opportunities for teachers to teach online which is awesome if you want to stay at home. There are a ton of places online that look to hire teachers to teach online such as K12 . If you are looking to teach courses online you can check out those places to get started. 

3. Tutor Online

Looking to help students online and tutor them? If so, perfect!  You can actually tutor students right online and in the comfort of your own house. #Score!. Here are companies that look for teachers and tutors: Aim4A, BrainMass, Elevatek12, Chegg, and  PrepNow.

4. Teach English

Are you fluent in English? One of the coolest and funniest side jobs I signed up for is VIPKid! VIPKID hires tutors to teach English to their students online as a second language. This job rocks because you can set your own schedule and can actually do the interview process online as well. Some other places that hire tutors and teachers to teach English as a second language are: Berlitz, Cambly, PrepNow,  TutorVista, ITalki,  EnglishHunt, GVE, NiceTalk, Pandratree, RosettaStone, ItutorGroup,

5. Substitute Teach

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to side hustle! Another amazing way to make extra money is to sub-teach in a different school in the summer. Not only can you make extra money but you can get to know new students while on your break. Normally summer school is much shorter than the normal school hours so you will have more flexibility in your day to get other things done as well. If you are looking for substitute teaching jobs you can go to your nearest school district and ask for a sub teaching package.

6. Write About Education

make money from education

If you are truly passionate about working in education you can write about your love for the field.  Places such as EdWeek and Edutopia look for passionate writers to write for their websites.

Some other places you can write for online in other niches are:  Listverese, Hubpages, Money Pantry, MetroParent, Her View From Home, The Penny Hoarder, Knowledge Nut, HowlRound, Doctor of Credits, &  Matador Network.

You can also start a blog about your love for the education field. Starting a blog can be really fun and you can make great money from it. Currently, I make a full-time income from my blog. Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I made and I would totally start over again if I had to. So, if you are looking to start up a blog check out my step by step tutorial on how to get started today by clicking here. Wanna see how I make income from blogging? –>  Check out my “5 Ways To Make Money Blogging” post by clicking here!

7. Give Music Lessons

This one is for all the musical geniuses out there! If you are great at playing a musical instrument or if you have a great ear for music you can actually teach for places such as TakeLessons. TakeLessons lets students take private or online lessons which is AMAZING.COM! So, you can actually teach creative lessons online.

8. Teach A Class In Your Town

Did you know you can actually teach others in your own town on your own schedule? Yup! Places like Dabble lets you take full control of your teaching schedule and teach what you are passionate about.  I have seen people teach classes such as photography, fitness, and music with Dabble.

9. Sell Lesson Plans

This is an amazing opportunity if you are looking to make passive income from your old lesson plans. If you have a ton of lesson plans that you have already written, you can totally sell them to other teachers on places like Teachspayteachers. This is a great way to make extra money if you truly enjoy creating lesson plans. You can also check out Share My Lesson if you are looking to sell lesson plans.

10. Score Tests

Did you know you can get paid for scoring tests? Yes! You totally can.  You can get paid for reading and scoring tests that students take on places such as ACT ,  Pearsonassessments and Measurementinc.

11. Get Paid To Give Your Opinion

Probably one of my favorite side hustles is giving my opinion online with surveys! Surveys are easy to do and you can do them on the go! #DoubleScore.  Last year, I completed a 7 question video for a survey site on milk. After I completed the video survey I got rewarded with $50 bucks! It only took me about 15 mins to complete! How awesome is that  My favorite survey sites to earn gift card rewards and/or extra money online are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Opinion Outpost                                                        

12. Test Websites Online

I started testing websites last year, and I really like how fast a person can earn extra money. Each testing site varies in terms of how much you will make. Some will pay you $10 while others might pay you $12 per test so, it depends on which ones you qualify for during that time. It should take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete each task depending on the test.

Test assignments vary, but a person could make an extra $100 or more per month completing the different tests, which normally pays via PayPal. My favorite companies are UserTesting, Enroll, YouEye,  and WhatUsersDo.

13. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

You can become a search engine evaluator for companies online. Job openings vary, so make sure to check out each site to see what opportunities are currently available. Some search engine job sites are Leapforce,  Appen, and LionBridge.

14. Sell Old Clothes

One of the fastest ways to make extra money is by selling old or unwanted items in your own home. My husband and I have sold a ton of stuff very quickly on places like LetGo, Gazelle, Swap and offerup!

You can also sell your unwanted books on places such as Bookscouter & Cash4Book and get cash-back.  Oh! And if you don’t want your old CDs or DVDs you can check out DeCluttr which is a site that will pay you for your old items!

There you have it! Over 15 ways to make extra money in education.

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Salan Bernard Khalkho

Thursday 7th of January 2021

Some ideas are truly amazing such as creating an Ecourse, teaching online, writing about education. Overall, it was a fantastic read with plenty of takeaway.

Latasha Peterson

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Hi Salan,

Thanks a ton.


Tuesday 19th of February 2019

Very informative!!! You gave a lot of resources... thank you ?


Monday 10th of July 2017

I know a lot of people think those summer months means months without pay, but there are ways to make extra money. Great article!

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