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15 Legit Voiceover Jobs for Beginners to Work From Home

15 Legit Voiceover Jobs for Beginners to Work From Home

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15 Legit Voiceover Jobs for Beginners to Work From Home

Are you currently looking for voiceover jobs for beginners? If so, you are in the right place. There are many people who have found success in the voiceover field, and as a creative myself, I love to hear about the success stories.

So, if you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners, this guide is for you if you’re looking for credible voiceover jobs. While you could make a side income from voice-over jobs, finding credible employers might be challenging. Getting started with voice-over acting is a low entry barrier if you’re a fast learner. Being a side hustle coach allows me to try different WFH side hustles. 

This guide gives you a laydown of what voice acting entails. It also summarizes the most reliable platforms that offer consistent voice-over gigs.  

What Are Voice-Over Jobs?

Voice-over entails recording an off-camera dialogue that goes along with video output. Also known as voice acting, the job requires you to read a script out loud. It helps create an overlaying recording which provides an audience with extra information that isn’t relayed through visuals.

Your role as a voice-over actor depends on the type of video. Voice-overs are used to create an engaging outlook about a product or service. You’ll need a deep, clear voice to read a pre-written script and make a recording that seamlessly overlays a video production.

How Do You Get Into Voice-Over Work?voiceover actor

If you value anonymity, becoming a freelance voice-over talent in the entertainment industry is worth it. You can juggle your day job and voice-over acting if you’re looking to supplement your income. 

Many platforms list voice-over jobs, which we will look at later in this guide. First, you’ll need to keep practicing by reading a copy aloud to avoid sounding robotic. Voice-over actors need to sound professional.

Most brands looking for voice-over actors tend to weed out applicants struggling with filler words, hissing noises, stutters, and unnecessary pauses. Besides producing a demo voice-over reel, the other way to practice is by taking a voice acting class. 

You also want to network by attending events and sending out emails. Keeping a professional profile on freelance marketplaces is also a tenable idea.  Seeking out Pro Bono gigs is a solid way of building your resume.

How Much Do Voiceovers Get Paid?

According to ZipRecruiter, an entry-level voice actor could earn anywhere from $13,500 to $31,999 per year.  While this isn’t enough to live comfortably in many states, it could help cover some light recurring expenses. The national average is $32 per hour, but the rate is hardly achievable for a beginner. 

An experienced voice-over actor earns more but must have a solid portfolio demonstrating their experience and talent. Mastering an industry niche also helps a voice-over actor negotiate a better rate. Some high-income niches are video games, commercial voiceovers, and explainer videos. Budding voice-over actors should anticipate slower months until they’re way beyond the intermediate level. College students looking for a side gig also have a lot of practice time to maximize their earning potential. 

Can You Make a Living as a Voice-Over?

Your experience, networks, voice health, current equipment setup, and marketing efforts will help you make a living as a voice-over actor. Treating voice-over acting as a full-time job as a beginner may be somewhat impractical. 

Gaining more experience and building your portfolio might require you to work at a lower hourly rate. With a solid portfolio, commercial voice-over acting could be a lucrative profession. You also need to be conscious of the type of projects you venture into. 

Listening to professionals, attending auditions, and taking acting classes would help scale up your earning potential. Since voice-acting allows you to set your own flexible hours, it’s a suitable part-time opportunity for individuals looking to supplement their income. With the right experience, you can make a living working full-time as a voice actor. The most profitable avenues include voice-acting for commercials, educational content, animation, audiobooks, and video games.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Voice-Over Actor?

Unlike many technical positions, the barrier to entry for voice-acting is pretty low. You don’t need a degree as long as you have voice-over acting talent. Some actors take further steps to pursue a degree in acting or voice studies. 

In most instances, taking familiar voice or acting courses alongside your experience should suffice. You need to be eloquent while reading from a script. You may be asked to read a script using different tones, accents, and emotions during an interview. At the minimum, the hiring team expects you to have perfect diction. Be articulate during a recording session and evoke interest in the listener. Professional voice-over artists should modulate their tone and personality during role play. You also want to adapt to the rhythm of a foreign-language voice recording.

How To Get Started with Voice-Over Acting?

Getting started with voice-over acting isn’t cumbersome. As a beginner, enrolling in an online course would help gain the requisite experience. While building your portfolio, you must also identify a niche and focus on it. 

Here are a few valuable pointers that would help you get started with voice-over acting:


  1. Take a course: I recommend taking the voice-over acting mini-course by Julie Eickhoff if you’re a beginner. It’s free to enroll in the course. The course curriculum gives you a background of voice-over acting and how it works. You also glimpse the skills you need to succeed in your voice-over acting career. There are also many top-rated courses on Udemy for beginners looking to enroll in a voice-over course. 
  2. Know your voice: Apart from training, it’s best to level up your skills by defining your voice. It’s unnecessary to pick a niche while beginning your voice acting career. However, there are lots of skill sets in the voice-over industry. For instance, character and commercial voice acting are two varying roles. Cartoon characters, speaking different languages, and using an accent are other avenues in the voice-over acting career. Defining your voice would help you know which voice-over niche suits you best, depending on your skills. 
  3. Record some demo reels: Recording some demo reels helps build your portfolio quicker. It would help if you had a compilation of different voices to showcase during an interview with a casting director. Agents who help budding voice-over actors land jobs also want to see your track record. You only need a functional microphone and user-friendly editing software to get started. 
  4. Keep networking: As they say, your network is your net worth. Besides having solid training, having real connections with people in the industry plays a significant role in landing a voice-over acting role. Industries like marketing, corporate, entertainment, or podcasting tend to have more voice-over acting positions. Building connections with other voice actors is also a helpful growth hack in your career.

What Equipment Do You Need for Voice Acting?

voiceover mic

You don’t need access to a studio to learn how voice-acting works. Studio sessions are pricey, especially if you’re a newbie in the voice-over industry. Instead, you can build an in-home studio using a few inexpensive pieces of equipment. 

However, purchasing the equipment alone isn’t enough. Here is the equipment you’ll need to set up a home voice-over studio: 

  1. Headphones: There aren’t any technical specifications when choosing a pair of headphones. You need good-quality headphones to audibly listen to any material before capturing your voice.   
  2. Microphone: You’ll need a microphone to capture your voice during a recording session. Expensive microphones have a higher-quality audio output. It’s also worth noting that a high-end microphone might not be a suitable model for your home studio setup.
  3. Shock Mount: A shock mount keeps the microphone steady and prevents ruining your recording sessions. It suspends the microphone to reduce unwanted rumbling and vibrations. 
  4. Microphone Stand: To focus on your recording sessions, it’s best to invest in a microphone stand. You won’t need to hold the mic physically. 
  5. Pop Filters: Pop filters help eliminate any unwanted sounds. If your mouth is close to the microphone, unnecessary sounds like popping or plosives tend to occur. Pop filters reduce the impact of fast-moving air while helping you keep a suitable distance from the microphone. 
  6. Audio Recording & Editing Software: You’ll need easy-to-use editing software, especially if you’re a newbie in the voice-over acting profession. Voice-over recording and editing software don’t need to be expensive. If possible, you can leverage free trials before making a software purchase. Using the appropriate techniques for sound recording and calibration is the only way to create perfect voiceovers.

Voice Over Jobs For Beginners To Make Money From Home

1. Voice123

Check out this place if you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners. Building a portfolio on Voice123 increases your chances of getting a voice-over job. There are thousands of opportunities posted on the website daily. You can voice-over for cartoons, movies, commercials, radio, narrations, and video games.

Voice123 members list their skills and upload voice-over samples on their profiles. It helps clients find the right actors and provides information for the system to match you with clients.

Voice123 lets voice-over actors negotiate rates with the client. The company provides an estimate for every job category. For 150 words per minute, a voice-over actor gets $50 to $200.

Upgrading to a membership plan increases your appearance in search engine results. You also get invitations for gigs at your preferred rate. With a paid membership, you can upload unlimited samples and playlists.

2. Voices

Another great place to look for voiceover jobs for beginners is Voices. Voices is an excellent voice-over company for beginners and experienced voice-over artists. Clients choose a voice-over actor based on the samples in their portfolios. On Voices, you can upload all your audio samples for free.

Premium members are matched with jobs that fit their profile. You can upload a project on Project Market with a premium account and get clients to buy it. Members set the project price upfront.

Voices members receive their payments via Paypal directly from the client. The rate per word count varies with the job category. Broadcast jobs like TV, Radio, and online ads pay every 13 weeks, annually, or on perpetual terms.

If you need someone to manage your profile on Voices, you can choose a Platinum membership. In addition to the Premium features, you get a dedicated account manager. The manager updates your portfolio and optimizes your workflow on the site.

3. BunnyStudio

Here is another place for voiceover jobs for beginners, BunnyStudio. BunnyStudio selects voice-over actors based on the clients’ demand. The company vets applicants, so you need to show some expertise. You can apply on the website to become a member of the Bunny Studio Pros.

Clients choose between three Bunny Pros for every project. Once you get selected by the client, you submit the voice-over and get payments once it’s approved. BunnyStudio helps its voice-over actors with client communication, payments, and project management.

The team gives feedback on samples and suggests ways to improve your work. Bunny Pros upload their samples on the website. If a client is impressed by your sample, they choose you for a voiceover job. You also get to set your payment rates.

4. Fiverr

As a freelancer, you can build your voice-over craft on Fiverr. You will need to set up a profile and state what category of voiceovers you do. You also get to set your rate per project. On average, voice-over actors on Fiverr make $50- $75 per hour.

Clients give ratings after every job. The more positive ratings you have, the higher your chances of landing a client. The best voice-over actors on the platform join the Fiverr Pro category. Fiverr Pro actors charge more for gigs, starting at $100.

On Fiverr, you can supplement your voice-over gig with other side hustles. The website offers other remote side hustles like proofreading, video production, audio editing, and more.

5. LinkedIn

Don’t sleep on Linkedin as a place to find voiceover jobs for beginners. There are numerous voice-over job postings on LinkedIn. You include your skills on your profile and apply for such jobs. The client might ask for some demos and probably ask for an interview.

Freelance jobs on LinkedIn are contract-based or full-time. You can choose a suitable remote job depending on your schedule and the job’s demands. LinkedIn members get notifications via email once a new job posting comes up.

6. VoiceCrafters

VoiceCrafters works with professional voice actors with some experience. They hire voice-over actors in over 80 languages for various job categories. You can voice-over for E-learning, commercials, explainer videos, audiobooks, music, and more.

VoiceCrafters members create a portfolio on the website, including their skill sets. Once a client posts a job, you send a quote for the project and an audition sample. The client allocates the project to a suitable VO actor.

VoiceCrafters holds payments and only releases the funds if the client is satisfied with the job. The company uses standard rates from the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) to charge clients. Voice actors charge clients based on the length of the video, VO category, and scope of work.


Snap Recordings provides voice recordings for business telephone systems. The team works on custom voicemail greetings, promotional on-hold messages, and more.

Becoming a voice talent requires you to fill in some personal information and submit a voice-over demo. You’ll get to VO for notable companies when working for Snap Recordings.

Audio recordings are sent to a client in less than one week, so you must act promptly. The platform matches you with projects that match your skill set. Rates vary with every category and are determined by the team at Snap Recordings.

8. Backstage

Backstage connects voice-over actors with trusted employers. The employer indicates the details of the job, including the role, language, accent, etc. Voice-over actors on the platform send applications with voice samples for a chance. Members also upload samples of their work for clients to hire them.

You will find VO jobs on the platform for films, animations, commercials, E-learning, and other categories. Clients pay through Backstage payments or directly to the voice-over actor. You’ll need a Stripe account and reside in the US for backstage payments.

9. The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is a marketplace for clients looking for male and female voice-over talent. If you’re a voice-over talent, whether experienced or a beginner, The Voice Realm would be worth a try. The platform lists voice-over actors and connects them with clients from different niches. 

Some of the voice-over categories at The Voice Realm include telephone recordings, internet videos, tv commercials, and more. There’s also a steady demand for audiobook voice-over narrators.  

The Voice Realm always looks for voice-over talent and training recordings if you’re exploring the corporate niche. You can also browse through the voice-over directory to find one that suits you best.

Signing up on the platform is free and offers a decent pay rate. The platform lists the top voice-over talents each month, making your portfolio more visible to potential customers.

10. Behind the Voice

Behind the Voice is a dependable site that lists voice-over actors alongside the characters they play. If you can create a life-like audible experience, there are many opportunities to exploit.

Voice-over talents can sign up on the platform and seek gigs in categories like anime, video games, movies, cartoons, TV shows, and more. If you’re talented in covering commercial voice-overs, Behind the Voice would help you secure a few jobs. 

Signing up is as easy as filling in your details via the BTVA Contact page. You can also send a direct message to BTVA’s Twitter page. If you’re starting from scratch, Behind the Voice would be a great place to find a niche that matches your voice and talent. You’ll also get a voice-actor credit and bio on the platform, which helps boost your portfolio.

11. Bodalgo

Bodalgo is yet another reliable platform for people looking to make a living as voice-over talents. Here, you’ll learn more about different types of clients and their needs. Bodalgo scrutinizes its applicants before hiring to ensure they work with qualified professionals. 

To stand out from the crowd, you must keep practicing and have some samples to showcase to potential clients. Like most other reputable voice-over platforms, it’s free and easy to sign up on Bodalgo.

 If you’re a native speaker and proficient in multiple foreign languages, Bodega will offer you endless opportunities. Once a client posts a project, you can send a custom read of the script and get a job offer in minutes. 

Voice-over talents secure gigs from significant categories like audiobooks, video games, telephone prompts, e-learning, corporate narration, and more. To protect its clients from sub-par auditions, Bodalgo hand-picks its professionals. For this reason, it’s best to find a niche you’re most talented in before signing up. If you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners, check out Bodalgo. 

12. Freelancer

Freelancer is the go-to marketplace if you’re running a small voice-over agency and want to get as many jobs as possible. As the name suggests, the marketplace is a freelancing platform where clients post various voice-over acting jobs.

Clients leave positive feedback on your profile if they are satisfied with your work. It makes future clients confident in your skillset and makes your portfolio stand out against other voice-over talents.

The outsourcing marketplace is free to join and has many voice-over acting job postings. As a freelancer, you get to choose the client you want to work with and negotiate for a decent rate. You can also showcase your work to look more professional when competing for work with other voice-over talents.

13. Upwork

Many voice-over and audiobook narrator jobs are listed on Upwork daily. To land a position on the freelance platform, you must perfect the art of bidding. You don’t need to be the lowest bidder to secure a voice-over acting job in the marketplace. 

Upwork allows you to create a profile for free and apply for as many jobs as possible. As is the case with, clients leave positive feedback about your service if they’re satisfied. Your overall rating depends on the number of reviews by clients. 

Positive reviews increase the chances of getting more work from the freelance marketplace. You also have the option to include your experience level on your profile. Most of all, there are many entry-level voice-over acting jobs for beginners on Upwork.

14. FlexJobs

If you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners, check out FlexJobs. Same with platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork, FlexJobs is a reliable website for seeking out voice-over acting jobs. It’s an appropriate website if you’re a beginner looking for entry-level gigs. 

FlexJobs also has a filter feature that helps applicants find jobs that match their experience level. Most opportunities on the platform allow you to work from home. All jobs are hand-picked, and the website updates the listings daily. 

The job marketplace offers script-reading jobs for digital media categories like commercials, movies, video games, cartoons, and more. Most intermediate-level jobs listed on FlexJobs pay around $32 per hour.

15. Voquent

Voquent is a global community of professional voice actors, filmmakers, and audio producers. The company always has open positions for narrators and voice-over talents. It also hires applicants who can work with multiple genres and styles. 

If you have lots of experience as a voice-over artist, you could get hired as an Audio Producer or Production Coordinator. The platform lists leading voices yearly, making your profile more visible to potential clients. 

All the instructions are clear, the website is easy to navigate, and the team at Voquent is quick to respond in case you bump into any issues. This platform could be perfect for you if you have a multilingual voice and can offer translation services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is It Hard to Get Into Voice-Over Work?

Getting into voice-over acting isn’t cumbersome. You need to identify a niche and practice a little harder. Since you might have no prior experience, starting with entry-level voice-over acting jobs is best.

2. How Can I Get a Voice-over Job Without Experience?

If you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners, it can be a work to find legit opportunities. Marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancers are handy for seeking entry-level voice-over acting jobs. You can get a voice-over job without prior experience by networking and building a portfolio using a few recordings. You can use the recordings to showcase your talent at auditions. 

3. Can You Do Voice-Over Work From Home?

Yes, you can! It’s easy to do voice-over work from home if you have the right equipment. Most platforms that hire voice-over talent allow you to work from home. You’ll likely work from home if you’re bidding for voice-over acting jobs from freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork.  

4. What is a Demo Reel In Voice Acting?

A demo reel is a short audio recording that you can use to demonstrate your talent during an audition. You can upload the audio clip on your portfolio to make it easily accessible to clients. Make sure to edit your demo reel so it can flow seamlessly and boost the chances of getting hired.

5. How Long Can It Take to Be a Voice-Over Actor?

Landing a job as a newbie can be a bit challenging as there’s stiff competition. It might take less than two years to reach the intermediate level with the proper skill set. If you’re a fast learner with the right voice for an in-demand category, getting hired as a professional voice-over actor might take a much shorter time.

Final Thoughts on Voiceover Jobs for Beginners

If you are looking for voiceover jobs for beginners, this post shared 15 legit places to find work. Getting hired as a voice-over actor is easy. All you need is the right equipment and skill set in a particular niche. Most people opt to venture into voice-over acting as it allows you to work on your schedule. You also get the chance to work from home. While voice-over acting won’t make you rich as a beginner, it’s a decent side hustle that will help you cover light expenses. If you end up becoming perfect at a particular niche, you have the opportunity to make an average of $37 per hour. 

Overall, voice-over acting has a low entry barrier and many categories to choose from. What other voice-over job sites do you have in mind? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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