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..”A collective of creative individuals striving to build a life that we love..”

Arts and Budgets™ was created to help creative individuals handle their finances in a new and fun way. On this site you will find a hub of resources to help you make money, save money and budget effectively while on your journey to building your dream career. 

Similar to you I am a creative who is pursuing my dream all while building financial independence and it’s my hope that the resources on this site will empower you to follow your dreams too, while creating a life of financial freedom. 

Does This Describe You?

You’re super creative but not sure how handle both your finances and building your dream.

You feel like you’re in a hole of debt and have tried everything to pay it off but still aren’t seeing the results that you desire.

You’re living paycheck to paycheck and not sure how to set up an effective budgeting plan to increase income and save money.

You feel like your dreams are delayed because you don’t make enough money.

Don’t worry! I know how you feel.

Before I started Arts and Budgets I was an aspiring singer who didn’t know how to handle my finances effectively. 

I was constantly living paycheck to paycheck and never had enough money at the end of the month. 

It wasn’t until I really got serious that my life changed! It is my hope that the resources on this site will inspire you to live your best life and have the career you aspire in financial freedom! 

I have been on quite the journey but since then my husband and I have developed Arts and Budgets into a five-figure business that  grows more and more each day.


Here at Arts and Budgets we provide resources to help creative individuals handle money in an innovative and fun way while also pursuing their dreams.



 Ways to make money through blogging and side hustles

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Tips and resources on ways to save money effectively. 

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Resources on how to budget effectively each month. 

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Daily everyday hacks to save money, time and energy.

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Resources to increase income using the Pinterest platform.

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Free Resources

Free Monthly Expenses Tracker to track all your monthly expenses to jump start your budget and help you save money quicker.

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If you are new to Pinterest and have no idea how to use this platform to increase income this guide will help you get started. This guide will help kickstart your Pinterest journey and help you understand the platform for business..

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