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How to Use Facebook Groups To Double Engagement On Your Blog

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7 Tips To Succeed in Facebook Groups

If you are looking to grow your blog, Facebook Groups are a must! Not only can you generate a ton of engagement on your blog posts and double your social media following, but you can also gain new clients in the group as well.  Since using Facebook groups my blog posts engagement and shares have more tripled!


In this post, I will share some ways that you can succeed in utilizing Facebook Groups and become a Facebook Group Rockstar!  Is that even a thing? Ha!

Let’s dive in! Woo hoo!


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How to Use Facebook Groups To Double Engagement On Your Blog

1. Read the rules

When you get accepted into a Facebook group, make sure to read all the rules & regulations first.  The rules normally explain how the group is run and which days the group has promo days. Since each group has a different set of rules it’s super important to read them first because not doing so can result in getting banned. YIKES!  Yup, I have personally seen people get banned from groups for not reading the rules completely. Reading the rules also shows the group admin that you’re taking the group seriously, and that you’re not just there to leave your latest blog post link and leave.

Most of the time the rules and guidelines will be located on the right side of the group like in the example of my Facebook group’s rules shown below. You can normally find what days the group does promo threads  in that same section as well



Additionally, each thread will have its own set of rules for each promo thread. For example, in this Friday promo thread listed below from my Facebook Group “Creative Ninja Nation,” I asked the members of my group to leave their promo link and to support others in the thread by going to their blogs and/or social media profiles to support.

2. Introduce yourself

What better way for others to get to know you than by introducing yourself to the group?  Per Admin request, introduce yourself in the way that each specific group allows. Some admins let you introduce yourself on the group walls, while others may only let you introduce yourself in the specific group thread. Once again, make sure to read the rules to see what things each group allow and what’s not allow.

Also, introducing yourself is a chance to let the group know who you are, what you do, and what your blog and/or biz is about. This is awesome on so many levels because you’re able to give the group a personal introduction. Make sure to include what type of products and/or services you have and how you can help them in your introductory post as well.  Lastly, and probably most importantly, thank the admin for accepting your request in the group.

3. Join Promo threads

Speaking of threads, make sure to join relevant some promo threads throughout the week. With promotion threads, you are able to post up your latest blog posts or links to your social media platforms, which can help with growing your engagement and following. Each day there is something new that can totally help with driving traffic to your site and/or social media platforms.

Pinterest is an ideal source for driving traffic to a site (in my opinion), and Facebook groups are great to drive engagement to blog posts.  Utilizing Facebook promo threads was one of the biggest reasons for the influx of comments and major engagement on my site. Each group has different promo threads each day so make sure to check in with your favorite Facebook Groups that you are apart of to see the latest info.

4. Don’t just promote your stuff and leave

One of the major ways to get banned from a group is to just drop your social media or site links and leave. Now, nobody doesn’t want to get banned from a group so it’s super important not just to promote your links on the group’s wall and hit the road. Admins take note of things like that and often times give the person a warning, but some will just ban that person from the group entirely so be careful.



5. Support other bloggers/ biz owners

One of the best things about Facebook groups is that they are filled with a ton of awesome people!  A lot of groups are filled with other bloggers who are very supportive and help each other in the group.  You can even team up with other biz owners or bloggers for guest posts, webinars and more.  How cool is that?  It seems that finding a team just got a little bit easier if I say so myself.

If you have a question, most of the time someone will reply back to you with an answer (depending on the group). I normally try to go beyond what’s requested in the group promo threads to support other bloggers. I check out their latest blog post or go to their social media pages and support them. Most times they even return the favor and support my latest work as well.

6. Put Your blog title in the post

Before you post your latest blog post, make sure to put the title in front of the link. By doing so it lets the reader know what they’re clicking on along with the title of the post. Not all groups let you keep your previews up, so it’s a good idea to include your blog title along with your link just in case. I have also had some instances where my preview didn’t show up at all with the title.

So, it definitely can happen.  So, here’s a rule of thumb, when you post in threads include your post title and then link your post.

7. The earlier the better

 I generally wake up at around 6 am every morning to start getting things in order for my Facebook threads. Since there are so many threads, I made a calendar of the different  Facebook groups and the days they have promo thread.– which is literally every day for most.

I normally get my content ready days before so I am normally ready to go by 7 am every day with blog and biz stuff. {Intert fit pump}!  (Do I get any fruit snacks for preparing ahead time? Maybe.. Maybe..NOT.)

Anywho, I have come to find out it’s better to jump on the threads earlier in the day to get the most exposure. Most Facebook Groups go up for the day between 7 am to 9 am so it’s best to be ready to go when they post up the new threads. Doing so, will help get your link seen by more people and if it’s seen by more people that mean you have the possibility to get more engagement on your blog posts. Ahem!  More engagement means more traffic. Get it? That’s huge and definitely one of the leading factors to why my traffic to my site skyrocketed in little over a month.


Looking for a new Facebook Group to join, join us in the Creative Ninjas Facebook group filled with 1500+ other Creatives like YOU! Join here Yesss! Let’s do this! 🙂


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Mel | Mel's Money Mindset

Thursday 28th of June 2018

Great tips! I had got to the point where I hardly used Facebook for anything other than watching videos of cute dogs! But joining some active Facebook groups when I started my blog has been a revalation for me - I love them. They've been so useful over the past 6 months. From my point of view, they've been a great way to learn and pick up some tips about SEO or tips of how to promote your blog for example (I'm in a few really good blogging groups and also a few groups specifically for Pinterest). But I try not to get bogged down with spending all my time in the groups and not actually getting any real work done. I always try to share any tips and help another blogger out if I can, and take an active part in the promo threads (not just dropping my link and leaving!). I've already had a few great collaborations from these types of threads and I actually got my first Pinterest Management client from a Facebook group. It wasn't even one I am particularly active in, but I was in the right place at the right time and offered my services, without being too pushy - and he went for it! If used right, Facebook groups can be a great help for bloggers.

Wendy Maynard

Monday 27th of November 2017

Great advice! Supporting other bloggers is such a good way to get to know people and grow your own business. Good reminder!

Bryan Carey

Monday 27th of November 2017

There is no doubt that Facebook groups make a difference! I have been actively using them for three months now and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. Best of all is that I have discovered some excellent blogs in the process.


Monday 27th of November 2017

Great post to help new bloggers connect with communities of bloggers. It seems like the internet is so vast and you'll never get an audience on your own when you first start out.

susie liberatore

Monday 27th of November 2017

All of these options are so important, thank you for sharing!

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