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27 Legit Games That Pay Real Money In 2023

27 Legit Games That Pay Real Money In 2023

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Did you know that there are games that pay real money that you can play with your phone? Yes, it’s true. There are legit games that you can play to make extra money

When I told my husband that he could play games and make money simultaneously, he was super excited because he spends a few hours throughout the week playing games during his free time from work. 

As a side hustle coach, I love finding new ways my readers and clients can make money on the go. So if you are looking for the best games to play for cash, this post is for you. This post will share 27 legit games that pay real money going into 2022. Let’s dive in. 

Games That Pay Real Money

1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is very similar to Swagbucks because not only do they have games that pay money, but you can also make money by completing fun tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos, and more. 

Inbox Dollars has a lot of games, including card games, word games, action games, and strategy games. You can also play a wide selection of GSN games as well. Some GSN games include casino, Wheel of Fortune, Pokers, and much more. 

Since 2000 Inbox Dollars has paid over $80 million in cash and gift card rewards to their members. They have regular promotions and contests which give their members more ways to make money.

Click here to check out Inbox Dollars and get a $5 bonus. 

2. Swagbucks


One of my favorite sites to make extra money is Swagbucks. This site has games that pay real money, and not only can you play games on this site, but you also make money by watching videos, completing surveys, and much more. Since joining Swagbucks in 2016, I have earned over $6000 from the site, and it’s my go-to app to make extra money each month. 

On this site, you can earn points called “Swag Bucks” points from playing games, and then you can redeem those points for PayPal cash or gift cards from places such as Target, Walmart, and more. 

Click here to join  Swagbucks and grab a free $10 bonus for signing up. 

3. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo

Formerly called Blackout Blitz is an app with games that pay real money. For example, Blackout Bingo can be played on Android and iOS devices, and you can win cash prizes. This free game has rounds that take around 2 minutes to play with other players with similar skill levels. 

With this game, you are in control! When you play, everyone will see the same balls and cards. This game takes strategy, speed, and concentration to become a bingo master.

One of the things I love about this game is that you can get paid via PayPal. PayPal is a security platform where you can get payments from your family, friends, and businesses.  Additionally, this game app has over 5 million players who have earned money from this game, and with a 4.5 rating out of 5, this is one of the best games to play for money. 

4. Mistplay


You can sign up, discover new games, collect units, and redeem your units for rewards on this app. Mistplay is the #1 loyalty program for mobile gamers.

Mistplay is an Android-only game that you play for real money. You get a personalized game library built specifically for you on this app. The longer you play the games on this app, the more units you can earn, which means the most rewards you can get. 

You can redeem the unit you earn for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and Visa gift cards. To sign up for Mistplay and start making money, click here

5. Mypoints


MyPoints is another game that will pay you real money to play games. They have a massive list of games, including Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Solitaire Rush, and much more. 

Currently, MyPoints has games that do require purchases to play. However, you can earn points for playing the games on this site. Each $1 entry fee equals 4 points that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Partnering with WordWinners Cash Tournaments, they have games such as 

  • Angry Birds Champions
  • Bejeweled Champions
  • Big Money 
  • Wheel of fortune 
  • Solitaire Rush and more

Additionally, you can make money from shopping online, taking surveys, and more. In addition to playing awesome games on this site, you can earn money by shopping at your favorite stores by getting cash back.

You can earn 40% cash-back every time you shop at your favorite stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and more. 

You can redeem your points on this app for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also grab a free $10 bonus when you sign up. To get started with playing games on this app, click here.  

6. Lucktastic


Lucktastic is a free game to play and win prizes and real cash. You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices. The Lucktastic game lets you enter contests and play digital scratch-offs that you can play to win gift cards or cash. 

Since launching in 2014, more than 1 million users have gotten over $3 million collectively, and in 2017, one man won $1 million himself in the Lucktastic sweepstakes. The game does have an app, but you have to be a U.S. citizen to play this game. Some of the ways you can make money with Lucktastic are:

  • Contests
  • Digital scratch-offs
  • Complete tasks such as completing surveys
  • By getting daily rewards when you play on the app each day
  • Referring family and friends to sign up for the app

With over 900k followers on Instagram, this game seems to be a pretty decent one to look into if you are into digital scratch-off games and entering contests in hopes to wins. To find out more information about Lucktastic, click here.

7. Pool Payday

Pool Payday

If you are looking for games that pay real money, check out Pool Payday. You can compete in live real-time tournaments for fun or cash on this game. You can redeem your cash prizes through Apple Pay, PayPal, and more. 

 After you turn into a pro pool player on the app, you can start playing in the competitions and play for money. 

There are two modes that you can play on this app.

  • Real-time mode: With this mode, you can play in real-time with your opponent by taking shots and scoring points. The person who scores the most points will win. 
  • Offline mode: You don’t have to wait for a turn with this mode. Try to get the highest score you can, and your opponent will do the same. At the end of the game, the highest score wins the game. 

If you love a good game of pool, check out Pool Payday by clicking here

8. KashKick


Like Swagbucks, Kashkick is an app where you can play games and complete other tasks for cash. In addition to playing various games on this app, you can also get paid to watch videos, surf the web, and more.

Some of the games that you can play on Kashkick are:

  • Scrabble Go
  • Billionaire
  • Harvest Land
  • Coin Master

You can redeem your points when you hit $5 and then deposit your money quickly and securely.  To learn more about KashKick and to sign up, click here.

9. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold

With Dominoes Gold, you download this app on iOS and Android devices. This free game has a 4.7/5 rating on the Apple Store, and you get to play a fun game of dominoes in real-time. 

This game lets you play for free to improve your skill initially, and then you will be ready to compete in tournaments with other players. You can compete in domino tournaments for prizes when you join the Skillz community on the app. You can play against other players, and whoever has the highest score before the time runs out in the tournament during the game will win. 

Some of the main features of this gaming platform 

  • Train your skills for free before you enter tournaments.
  • Compete in dominos games for prizes.
  • Finally, compete in real tournaments with other players to win prizes.

With Dominoes Gold, you can receive PayPal cash or gift cards and redeem your earnings from winning a tournament.

10. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz

If you are looking for legit games that pay real money, check out 21 Blitz. This game is a mix of 21 and Solitaire. You can start out playing real people for free and then switch gears and play paid games and compete with others to win cash. 

This platform is in partnership with Skillz, which is also a money-playing platform that is reputable. You can play games with other players or in large multiplayer tournaments. To check out Blitz 21 click here. 

11. Boodle


Boodle is a free game for Android users that has free games that you can play for cash right from your phone. 

When you play games on this app, you will be rewarded “coins,” which you can redeem for gift cards from places such as Amazon, Nike, Chipotle, and much more. 

You can also make money on this app by completing offers and participating in fun daily polls. Additionally, you can refer others to the app and earn coins that can be redeemed for gift cards. To stay playing games on this app, click here to get started.

12. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

If you love the game Solitaire, this game might be an excellent option for you to try out for cash. Solitaire Cube includes large tournaments and also competitions to win cash prizes. In addition, you can compete in 1:1 games or multiplayer tournaments.  This game currently has a 4.6/5 rating on the Apple store with over 85.2k rating from users. 

Like most games listed in this post, you can also play for free to improve your skills which can help you learn how to play the game in preparation for the tournaments and competitions. Check out Solitaire Cube, click here

13. Wealth Words

Wealth Words

The wonderful world of crossword puzzles is here at Wealth Words. With this app, you can play word games for cash. Wealth Words currently has 1 million active users, and there is no charge to set up an account to play this game, but you do have to pay a small entry fee to play the games. Also, you have to be 18 years old to play this game, 

When you cash out your winning, you can go directly to the “My Account” option and then click “Cash Out” when you hit $20. You can redeem your earnings via PayPal, and the profits will be sent to your PayPal account. If you love crossword puzzle games, check out Wealth Word by clicking here. 


How To Play Wealth Words

14. IRazoo


On the IRazoo platform, you can get paid for playing games. You can play your favorite games and then earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. 

 To start playing games on IRazoo, sign up and visit their gaming arena on their site and then pick your favorite game. The longer you play the game, the more points you will earn. Their gaming arena has over 50 different games that you can pick from and win. The game themes on the IRazzo website are puzzle games, adventure games, and much more. 

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem the points you earned for gift cards from Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and more. Check out IRazoo by clicking here. 

15. Golden Hearts Games 

Golden hearts games

Golden Hearts Game has a lot of games that you can play to win prizes.   You can play slots, bingo and then win real cash. Playing games on this website helps support charities while you can keep your cash prizes. They currently have a 4 out of 5 review rating on Facebook from users. 

You have to create an account on their official website to get started. Then you select your favorite charity you would like to support from their list of charities and then choose your donation amount. 

 Once the player completes their donation, they gain full access to any of the games on Golden Hearts. All the games, if won, have cash prizes. When you win a cash prize, it is credited to your account on Golden Hearts Games. You can withdraw your earnings from your account or donate the winnings to another charity. To start playing games on this platform, click here.

16. Long Game

Long Game


Long Game is featured on both the Fast Company and Wall Street Journal. The makers of the Long Game app are looking to inspire people to save more money each month with this app. 

You can play games on this platform, and you can also save money. According to Forbes, saving money is significant because 63% of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings or emergency funds. 

When you create an account on this platform, you can quickly save money. In addition, you will be able to play lottery-inspired games such as Omega millions and Powerball. 

Long Game also partners with some leading financial institutions to give you prizes. Some of the games you can play on this platform are slots, arcades, and puzzles. To win the saving game, click here

17. Strike! 


Strike by Bowlero is a game where you can bowl from the comfort of your own home. In addition, you can win cash prizes or exclusive Bowlero discounts.

 You can use this game on both Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you can compete with other players. Keep in mind that you have to pay to compete in the tournaments. Once you enter the tournaments, you can win prizes for having high scores or from playing the game often. If you are interested in playing virtual bowling for cash, click here to check out Strike!.

18. Givling


If you have student loans, the Givling game might be a great one to look into. Givling is a trivia crowdfunding game launched in 2015 for people with student loans and mortgage debt. Since launching, the platform has paid out over 8 million dollars to help people with their student loans and mortgage debt. 

When you play trivia games on this platform, you will earn points and move up in the funding queues. The players who earn the most points and are in the top spots will receive the game’s crowdfunding amount. To check out Givling, click here

19. Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is a site where you can earn money by playing games, completing offers, completing surveys, and more.  Currently, they have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. You play trivia, Crosswords, Match -3, and much more on this site. 

No Quick Rewards app is available, but you play the games directly on the official website. In addition, there is currently no limit on the number of games you play on the platform. 

You can receive your payout earning between 1 to 3 days after you cash out via PayPal. In addition, there is no minimum threshold amount to withdraw your earnings from your account. Which means you can cash out at any time that you would like. To check out Quick Rewards, click here. 

20. Brain Battle

Brain Battle App

Brain Battle is a math game that you can play for real prizes. You can use your math skills to answer questions in multiple-choice form on this app and win.

You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices. When you play this game, you will earn “tickets.”  The more tickets you earn playing this game, the more chances you have to win cash prizes.  So, if you are a math lover and love playing math games, this is the game for you because you can have fun playing this game and win rewards and prizes. To start playing this math game, click here.


The Casino game is a platform where you can play casino games for real money on the go or in the comfort of your home. The creators of this game currently work with some of the leading developers of casino games to bring the best of the best to the public. 

They have a variety of games to play on the platform, such as Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and more. You have to create an account and make a deposit to get started. Once you fund your account, you will gain access to a complete list of casino games in their library and be able to pay for cash prizes.  Check out Casino by clicking here

22. Idle-Empire

Idle Empire

You can make money to play games, watch videos, complete tasks, and much more on this site. You can sign up for this platform for free and start earning points. After collecting your points, you can redeem them for real gift cards. Idle-Empire is an excellent platform to play games to get gift cards to your favorite stores. 

23. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play

On the Rewarded Play app, you can download games, earn points and then redeem those points for gift cards. Currently, this gaming app has a 4.3/5 rating on the Google Play store from users.

Sign up for an account and then download games to get started on this platform. After you download games, you can earn points and cash out to receive your chosen gift card. The minimum dollar amount to cash out is $5 to receive a gift card. Click here to sign up and start playing games for money on Rewarded Play. 


Additional Games That Pay Real Money

24. Flash Rewards

25. PCH Games

26. Zynga Poker

27. Wizard of Oz Slots


Additional Ways To Make Real Money From Apps


Make Real Money With Cash Back Apps

  •  Ibotta

With the Ibotta app, you can select specific items that you already buy from the grocery store on the app. Then, after purchasing those exact items from the grocery store and scanning your receipt onto the app, you will earn money back. So far, I have made over $300 using the Ibotta app after my grocery shopping runs. 

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  • Fetch Rewards

Similar to Ibotta but slightly different is an app called Fetch Rewards. Fetch Rewards is a great app to earn money back by scanning your grocery receipts on the mobile app. So far, I have made over $400 in gift cards since signing up and scanning my grocery receipts. I usually choose the Amazon gift card and transfer my earnings to my Amazon account. Click here to check out Fetch Rewards. Check out Fetch Rewards by clicking here. 

Make Real Money With Shopping With Apps

  • Rakuten

Rakuten is a site where you can earn money back from your purchases online from stores such as Target and Walmart. When you install the  Rakuten chrome extension onto your computer, you can activate it every time you shop online and earn cash back from your purchases. Click here to earn cash-back with Rakuten

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  • Drop

With the Drop app, you can make money by shopping at stores that you already love online. The great thing about this app is that it is free and easy to use. You can also earn money for booking flights and ordering food on this app. In addition, once you hit $5 in points on the app, you can redeem the points for gift cards to places such as Amazon, Starbucks, and more.

  • Shopkick

Like Drop, Shopkick is another app that will reward you for shopping at stores online and in person. With this app, you earn points called “kicks.”  You can earn the kicks for walking in a store or scanning your receipts after your store run. You can then redeem your kicks for real gift cards to places such as Walmart, Target, and more. 

Make Money With Investing Apps

  • Acorns

Acorns is an investments app that lets you automatically invest any spare change that you have from your credit card and debit purchases. According to CNN Business, this app has helped millennials save $25 million. So if you are looking to start investing, check out the Acorns app. 

  • Robinhood

Robinhood is a fee-free app that makes it easy to trade in the stock market. According to Next Advisor, this app has over 21 million customers and is a self-directed investing app. 

Make Money With Health Apps

  • Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a health app that will pay for being active. It tracks your daily steps and then turns steps into points. You can redeem your points for Apple products, Samsung products, and more. Sweatcoin is a great app if you want to get paid to walk and be active. 

Make Money With Selling Apps

  • OfferUp

Offerup is a great app to sell unwanted items around your house and make money. This is a local selling platform so you can find people in your town looking to purchase things that you don’t want anymore. 

  • Mercari

Mercari is another selling platform that you can sell on and make extra money. However, on Mercari, you have to ship the items to the buyers.


  • Bookscouter

On Bookscouter, you can sell your unwanted and gently used books and make extra money. This is an excellent app if you have a lot of unwanted books lying around your house or if you are in school and have books that you don’t need anymore. 

  • Decluttr 

Decluttr is great for selling phones, laptops, and other electronics. So if you have items around your house that are electronic that you don’t need any more, check out Decluttr.


Tips For Playing Games For Real Money

woman playing games on phone

1. Some Games Don’t Pay Well

I noticed that many games don’t pay out a lot of money from my research. So, in the beginning, it’s not a side hustle that can bring in thousands of dollars each month, so it’s a great idea to keep your options open if you are looking to make extra money

There Are No Games That Pay Through CashApp

Currently, there are no games that pay through CashApp. In contrast, some people advertise that there are games that will pay via Cashapp, but there are no direct games that will send earnings or rewards to a Cashapp account.

2. Start A Game Blog To Make Real Money

One of the best ways to make real money in the gaming industry is by creating a blog specifically for gaming. There are many ways a person can make money from a blog, such as through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ad revenue, and much more. I have been able to turn my blog into a profitable business that now earns over $6k a month. To learn how to start a blog, click here

3. Research Every Gaming Platform 

Make sure to research every game site that you want to play on. While the games I listed in this post are legit, some game sites are scams, so make sure to research each platform and look up reviews from actual users to get feedback. 

4. Some Games Require A Fee To Play To Win

While most games will let you play for free, some require that you pay a fee to enter tournaments and competitions. Most game sites use a pay-to-win type approach where you have to pay a certain amount to play to win cash or gift cards. 

FAQ About Games That Pay Real Money

Is There A Game That Pays Real Money?

Yes, some games pay real money—for example, platforms such as Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars pay real cash for playing games on their apps. Additionally, you can check out Blackout Bingo and Mitsplay, which both pay real money. 

What Apps Pay You on Cash App?

Currently, no apps will pay you through Cash App directly. However, you can send your earnings from your bank account to your Cash app account. You have to link your bank account to your cash app account, and then you will be able to transfer funds from your bank account to your account. 

What Is The Best Money-Making Game In 2021?

Some of the best money-making games this year are Mistplay and Blackout Bingo. Both are legit and will pay you real money when you win games on their platforms.

What App Games Can I Play to Win Real Money?

If you want to play games to win real money, check out Blackout Bingo, 21 Blitz, and Mitsplay. All three of these games are legit and have games you can play to make money.

Can You Get Rich Playing Games Online? 

While playing games online is super fun and a great way to make a little bit of money, it isn’t necessarily making a person rich at the beginning. If you are looking at turning this side hustle into a business, look into creating a gaming blog or starting a gaming T-shirt business

Do Any Casino Apps Pay Real Money?

While is a pay-to-win platform, you can make real money by winning tournaments on this app. 

Is There A Bingo App That Pays Real Money?

One of the best bingo apps that pay real money is Blackout Bingo. When you play games on this platform and win money, you can receive your earnings via PayPal. 

Final Thoughts on Games That Pay Real Money

If you love playing games online, this post can help you find the best game sites that pay real money. While most people probably won’t get rich only playing games online, it’s still a great way to make a little bit of money on the side. 

If you are looking to make real money playing games consider starting a gaming blog, creating a Youtube specifically for gaming, or starting a gaming business such as selling T-shirts. Do you currently make real money playing games online? If so, let us know your favorite platforms below. 


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Tamella Walls

Thursday 9th of June 2022

Hello I like playing Mistplay I have earned money 3 times or 4 times but I only got 1 or 2 gift cards because I had put in the wrong email for my PayPal account that was my fault but I am working on cashing out soon I've been playing Mistplay for about a year or so I don't play every day because I have a life too but when I do I put in all my all I also found another game by accident it's called Scratch Pro it's ticket scratch offs and there is also Slots Pro and you play other games to get vouchers and you earn money through that app only straight to your PayPal but in order to make money you have to gain vouchers from other games it's pretty neat it doesn't pay a whole lot but it extra cash check it out also Big Cash app you earn coins to get cash I haven't cashed out yet I'm working on it. You also play other games through the app to collect coins. Thank you for all the information I really appreciate you going out of your way to give the information for us money making gamers LOL.


Tuesday 25th of January 2022

I often use Robinhood and am quite satisfied with it. Thanks for your contribution

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